Whether renting out a photo studio, holiday home or even a castle; you’re going to need some high-quality listing photos to make a killer first impression and stand out among the rest.

The good news is that you don't have to be a professional photographer to capture attractive listing photos.

All you need to do is to follow this quick guide and we’ll show you how. We’ve kept it brief so you can get back to listing your space!


Before you start shooting any photos, preparing your space is super important. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Wash those dishes: Tidy up any clutter splayed across your space. Refrain from having stray socks or dirty dishes lying around in your shots.

Clean: This one should go without saying but make sure your space is clean, including, floors, surfaces and windows to show professionalism.

Set the scene: Unleash your inner set designer and arrange your space to showcase its best features. Add some decorative touches like books or some candles. Just imagine it's shoot day and you have a crew on their way to shoot a movie!


It’s no secret that lighting makes all the difference in how a photo turns out. So, don’t ignore it when shooting your space! Here are a few tips to present your space in its best light - pun intended:

Keep it natural: Take your photos when you have the most bright, natural light throughout your space. Photograph each room at a similar time of day for continuity.

Avoid direct sunlight: Avoid shooting directly at the sun or any other bright light source as it can make your results appear overexposed and washed out. To capture the sun shining through your space, take photos with the light coming from behind you for a softer, more balanced look. 

No flash photography please: Just like direct sunlight, a flash can be harsh. Sub in a lamp to set the mood for spaces with minimal natural light

Artificial lighting: Artificial light should be used sparingly. You don’t want to set any unrealistic expectations.

Composition is key

The composition of your photos can seriously impact their quality. In fact, it’s arguably just as important as the subject itself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when composing your shots:

Rule of thirds: For compelling and well-balanced shots, use a rule of thirds grid as your guidelines. Most cameras, including your phone, will have the option to use this whilst shooting.

Keep it level: Keeping the camera level without angling it up or down will avoid any distortion and make your photos look more natural. Consider using a tripod to keep the camera steady and shoot from eye level to show potential renters how they would experience your space in person.

Lines: Walls, floors or furniture can help to guide the viewers' eyes through the photo, creating a sense of depth. Use these natural lines to your advantage.

Think angles: Capture multiple angles of each available room to give an understanding of what the space is and how it could be used. 

Mix it up: Mix things up a bit! Consider using a range of wide, mid and close-up shots to create a visually appealing photo series that accurately represent your space and its unique features.

Avoid distortion: Don’t shoot with a fish eye lens or anything that could skew the proportions. Nobody likes a catfish!

Showcase your space

Something about your space must appeal to potential clients to make it an ideal backdrop for their shoot. Have a think about what they would love about it. Does it have any unique features or a particular aesthetic?

Size matters: For the best viewing results, use JPG, GIF or PNG images that are 660x440 pixels.

Quantity: The more high-quality photos you can show of your space the better. Aim for around 3-4 photos of each room. This will help to capture the imagination of the client and will help them gauge the logistics of a shoot such as lighting and placement of equipment.

Orientation: Ensure your first 5 photos are orientated horizontally as they display best on the search page carrousel. Use vertical photos for those tighter spaces like hallways.

Hero images: Feature your best photos first. These will be the first images your potential renters will see of your space. Make that first impression count!

Features: You know your space better than anyone so take photos of all of its stand-out features. Putting emphasis on these will make your space stand out and appeal to clients who are looking for specifics. Here are a few examples:

Tell a story: As cheesy as it may sound, a photo is worth a thousand words. Think of your photos as a virtual tour of your space used to inform and excite potential clients. 

Floor plan: In addition to photos, consider adding a floor plan to your listing to give a birds-eye view of the size and layout of your space.

Oh, one last thing.

Once you’ve had a few bookings consider asking the photographers for some photos of your space in action. This can help to build your credibility on the platform and allow potential renters to see what your space is capable of!

With these tips in mind, go and take some high-quality photos of your space and add them to your listing!

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